Sunday, May 17, 2015

Not my week.

I mentioned about the food poisoning.  On Friday I got attacked by a cold.  Bill thinks it is just allergies, but those usually don't came with a sore throat and really stuffy all of a sudden when the type of pollen has not changed.
I went to the Knitters and Crocheters meeting and my knitting needle did this to my water-resistant backpack on the way.
  Lucky for me it is a pretty small needle, so it left a pretty small hole.  I had also noticed a bunch of flies near the front of my car.  I thought maybe I had run over some trash or something and they were attracted to it.
  When I got out of the meeting I noticed that there were flies again and some smell.  As the day went on the smell got worse, so I asked Bill to look into it for me.

If you don't want to read about icky things, scroll down to the pretty flowers.

  Bill popped the hood this morning and we saw some fur.  It looked pretty big, but I thought it was a very large squirrel.  There was some poking and prodding, but nothing worked.
  I drove it over to NTB and was told (in very nice terms) that there was no way he was touching that thing.  He did tell me about a car wash down the street.
  I drove down there and had to talk to a few people before I got one that knew enough English to fully get what I was saying.  Then word got out and everyone had to come look.  They had to loosen the engine protector to get in there because it was behind the engine.
  The guy used the "doggy poop" style where he had gloves on and a large bag.  When he pulled it out I saw that it was a ground hog.  How/why one crawled up behind my engine is a mystery to me.  It has been really warm out for the past few weeks, so it's not like there was a lack of warmth.  They also power washed the inside of my car to get any remaining things out.
  I'm glad it is gone, but I'm sad it went in there.

Aren't these pretty?  They are in my front lawn.  They came with the house.  The color combination makes them feel antique to me.

At K&CC I finished the left sleeve and have stared the body.   I have given a few suggestions on the left-front increase area.  Three of the rows have a single decrease when you get to the lace pattern the first time, but a double decrease on all of the other repeats.  It sounds like she might be reworking the chart, but I mentioned that she could just leave a note in the right section so people will notice it.
  Though it sounds like she is liking the challenge of changing the chart.

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