Sunday, May 24, 2015

What a weekend.

  I got feedback from about three different people and got the same advice for Little Jo.  Take her back to where she was, she is old enough that her parents will find her and help her get to safety.
  When I took her home she was just a scared little meek thing.  When I was driving her back to the store she was all over the carrier.  She was determined to not touch any sides.  I kept telling her to not tire herself out, but since she doesn't speak 'people' she did not listen.

   As I was walking her through the parking lot, Little Jo and another bird(I assume Mom) were calling to each other.  That made me happy since someone knew she was back.  I walked her back to the alcove I got her from because it is the safest place in the strip mall and very close to where Mom was calling to her.  She was sticking her head out one of the holes in the front of the carrier and tried to go up when I opened the door.  I had to close it and push her head back in. Then she hung-out on the door for a minute while I kept saying "be free!".  She was a lot closer to reaching the rafters this time, but still did not make it.  I made a comment that if she had not been trying to fly in the carrier she would have made it.
  I headed to K&CC at Wegmans and had some super yummy food.  I love the Salt and Pepper Calamari when you can get a pretty fresh batch.  When I got back to the store she was not there anymore.  I'm so glad.  I got to spoil her some and she got to go back to her family.  While I think it would be cool to have kept her, I know she would have hated the idea.

  Today I got to partake in Rolling Thunder.  Bill got his first motorcycle about four years ago.  While I wondered why he never went, I was also secretly glad.  I was glad because for most of those years I didn't have a jacket or helmet.  So if he had gone I would not have been able to go with him.  This was the first year for both of us.  I thought we were just going by ourselves, but one of our mutual acquaintances from IWLA already had a group he went and he invited us.
  I got to meet a ton of new people and took a bunch of random photos and I want to post so many of them!

Super cool paint job.

This was super awesome.  I love when people make super strong statements that can both humble you and make you proud of people you have never met.

This made me laugh so much.

A few people showed up.
I decided to get artsy with this one.

Meg thinks that Bill's motorcycle is super comfy and all she needs in life.

  I loved her nails.  She was talking about how she could have gotten to the event earlier and done everyone's nails.  We think she would have made a killing doing this.  The little flags are my favorite part.

  I was a very "special person" this weekend.  I remembered to charge my camera but did not remember to clear off the memory card.  The video cuts out a few minutes before we finish the ride, so although you don't miss much, that is why it cuts off so abruptly.  The video is very windy sounding.
  I also thought the video would be better if I braced my hand on Bill's shoulder, but part of the way through I realized that I was very wrong.  Next year I will do much better.
  For those of you who don't know what Rolling Thunder is, it is a motorcycle ride through DC "to educate the public that many American Prisoners of War were left behind after all previous wars and to help correct the past and to protect future Veterans from being left behind should they become Prisoners of War-Missing In Action."  It is super impressive from both sides.  Tons of people come from all over the country to ride in the "parade" and tons of people come to watch and to show their support.  There was one lady who was almost crying on the side-lines at one point and she almost made me cry too.
  One thing I wish I had done was to bring some charity crafting along.  I knew there was a lot of downtime, but for some reason I didn't plan ahead.  I think it was because I didn't think I was bringing along a bag.  People can start gathering at 7am, but the ride doesn't start moving out until noon.  I grabbed a bag when Bill asked me to but didn't think to add any yarn and a hook.  I could have been working on a water bottle holder for TAPS while at Rolling Thunder.  I think that would be very appropriate.
  Next year I will be able to plan a lot better.  Snacks, sunscreen, and crafting things are all needed.  Cash would be needed if I didn't feel like bringing my own snacks.  I now know that reapplying the sunscreen is a must.   We were about 2/3 deep into the first parking area (yes, they need more than one for all the people who show-up) and it took over two hours before we starting moving.  I know I got most of my burns from that time.  There were also a few times that I was super bored and wished I had something to do.
  I am so tried and I can hear Bill snoring from here, so I am out of here.

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