Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rough past few days.

  These past few days have not been nice to the humans in my house.  On Tuesday Bill got into a fight with a shipping crate, and the crate won.  Actually he got mad at someone and punched the shipping crate instead of them.
  Well, when I got home from work his knuckle was swollen and hurt to move.  So I drove him to the ER.  We got nurse Cheryl again, so that was fun.  One not so fun thing was that the iPad was missing from his room.  I could see one in the other room!
  Turns out it was just some bad bruising.  They gave him a wrap to help keep him from over using it and sent him home with a referral for a hand specialist if it is still giving him problems in a week.
  Then I woke-up yesterday and went to Safeway to get some kitty litter and lunch.  The guy who was checking me out raved about how good the microwave Little Potatoes I got.  I got the garlic parsley flavor.  I ate those and loved every bite.
  After lunch I wasn't feeling so awesome.  I first thought that it was because I ate too many potatoes.  I did eat the whole container by myself after-all.  Though as the day went on I got worse.  I thought if I picked off the moldy bits off the dessert I had the night before it would be fine.  It tasted fine.  It was not so fine.  So don't worry about the potatoes, I still highly recommend them.

  I got more knitting done on my test knit though.  I finished the right sleeve completely and I am at the increases on the left side.  The designer and I have misunderstood each other a few times, but I think we are now on the same page.  If not, I can check on things at the next release and re-suggest it.
  I'm also itching to get it done because I really want to start a Slippy Cowl.  It looks like something super fun to do.

  I also finally got my cascading leaves and vines shawl blocked.  I had a lot of fun with the other test of a pattern, so I am excited to get another going.  It helps people to have a picture to know if they want to test it or not.
  I'm also having some designer issues in my head.  I thought of a fun shawl idea, but it was so easy I figured someone else had already done it.  Then I thought about it more and thought of a variation on it.  I have been checking to see about the original on Ravelry, but so far I have not seen it.  I tried "block shawl" and found nothing.  I have been browsing through "stripe shawl" but there are over 100 pages of patterns to look at.  I'm on page 51 and so far I have not found the original idea I had.
  So now I'm wondering if I should make two patterns, one pattern, or a two-in-one pattern.  I also need to get my hands on some yarn in the weight I want before I can do any of this.  It will give me some more time to think it over.  Though I hear rumor that about 30 boxes of yarn have been donated to Knitters and Crocheters Care, so I have a feeling the perfect yarn for one or both ideas will be in there.

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