Friday, May 22, 2015

Meet Little Jo

We don't know if it is short for Joseph or Josephine though.
Model pose from Little Jo!  Super cute, huh?
I think Little Jo would make lots of money being a model if he/she understood these silly human things.  Don't mind the french fries, a bit of naughty food won't ruin this ones career.
  So here is the full story about the puffy Little Jo here.  Our store usually gets birds that fly in and can't get back out.  We try and get them out using a variety of techniques.  One is to try and prop all the doors open and hope they fly out.  This sometimes works.  Another way is to wait until they are tired and throw some fabric over them so we can scoop them out and let them go outside.
  Little Joe landed on someone's fabric while it was being cut today.  Then after that excitement flew over to an empty table nearby.  I got some fleece and threw it over before scooping and heading outside.  Like I was expecting, Little Jo flew off the second (s)he was free, though didn't make it very far.  I figured it was the whole being stuck in a store thing so I went back in for about an hour.  When I came back out (hoping to not see any birds) I saw Little Jo hoping around on the sidewalk still.
  I went to my car and got the collapsible crate out and walked over.  Little Jo didn't put up much of a fight when I tried to get 'em in.  I put some french fries (only food like thing I had) and a cap full of water in there too.  I called my mom to see if she could find a wild-life person who could take care of Little Jo, but no one returned her call. While we were waiting the french fries and some water disappeared.  These are good things.
  Little Jo did not like the car ride, but hopefully someone will call back tomorrow.  Then only one more ride before someone who knows what they are doing will take over.

  In more crafterly news, this is how that test I am working on is coming.  I left the one sleeve open because I wanted to Kitchener it when I went to go pick-up the stitches for the edging.  I'm not a huge fan of too many ends to weave in, especially when they are cotton and don't stick to the work as easily.
  There was another pattern I wanted to test, but I missed my chance.  The Ravelry group rules state that you can only test one large project at a time (or two small ones) and both the shrug and shawl are large tests.  Oh well, there are some shawls of my own design I want to work on too.  I'm having fun being a knit designer.

I also wanted to mention these super adorable little crochet lace pouches.  I don't speak the language (and I know google can fix that) but I think I speak enough Craft to make one or two of these.

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