Monday, December 1, 2014

Off to a good start!

Very reluctantly modeled by a grumpy face.
Hurray they are done!  The ends are woven in and everything.  I think they were the perfect length even though I was guessing.  The color is really yellow in this picture.  It is really a more cool teal color.
I'm thinking of trying some "Oh, I heard it is going to get cold and I figured you could use these" kind of thing when I give them away.
I had gotten 2 skeins of this to make these.  It's kind of funny how much I can't guess at yard needs.  I have almost half of the first one left.

I had done a very small load of laundry earlier in the day and later I noticed there was a puddle of water in front of the mess sink/kitty box.  I mopped it up and gave it a tentative sniff.  It didn't smell like it came out of the cat so I figured I must have spilled some water when I was moving a shirt I had been soaking.
Bill got home and dumped all of this stuff in the washer.  I went into the kitchen to get a snack and heard a dripping noise.  I was afraid that my washing machine was broken and saw what is pictured above.  My mom put that lint trapper thing on our hose and it seems to have gotten filled up when we weren't looking.  One of those streams was just shooting over the edge of the sink.

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