Monday, December 8, 2014

Not something done, but something new.

I had a good idea how to knit this slightly differently.  It isn't showing the increases as much as I thought it would.  I've gotten this far in it because I was hoping it would look more like I was picturing in the larger sections.  My new idea will be to have most of it in stockinette with the color changes in seed stitch.  It will make it so that the blanket has more of a right side and wrong side, but I think the effect will be cool.

 I also went to ZooLights with some friends.  I was thinking of bringing some knitting, but the weather didn't agree.  Though I did plan on wet blocking this at some point, I don't think I want to do that while I am knitting it.  It was dark and knitting would have been hard any way.  

Here is the knitting.  It is the blanket I was talking about above.  I already have yarn picked out for the second try at it.  I will have to do some testing before I start it though.

Here is the gallery of ZooLights!  These are not all the lights, but they are the ones that looked good in pictures.

This is what you saw when you walked in.  They had this on both entrances.  There was something different on the very front, but I couldn't get a good picture of that one.

So cute!  As you might be able to tell from the way the lights are, it looked like the train was moving.

Here is a lego town with some trains.  It was pretty impressive.

It also had Ewoks.  This makes sense some how.  I know I approve.

This was the winner of the gingerbread contest.  I have to admit that I am pretty impressed.

Light-up zebras!  Yay!!

I figured this was very fitting for the blog.  I feel like I should have gotten a video of this, but I didn't think of it at the time.

The little light tigers are so cute.  You can also see a bit of rain on the lense.

Look, a non-light-up animal!  The elephant enclosure was where premier people could go and get hot chocolate and cupcakes.  Super smart to put food in where elephants leave their after-bits.

I was going to get the vanilla cupcake until I got to the front.  I went with the chocolate bourbon one.  Though some of the people in the group thought there was too much sugar or frosting on the cupcake, I thought it was pretty perfect.  I would like to find the place and get some more.

The octopus made me laugh.  It looks like he is nervous that the purple thingy is following him.

Some other cool underwater stuff.

Look, two purple Rufus!  Or naked mole rats for everyone else.

I really like the lights that dangle down and look like they are dripping down.

As you can tell from the first picture to the second, this daisy changes colors.  I want some so much!

Nothing wrong with some flamingos and a palm tree.

More light up flowers.  I like these too.

I'm not totally sure what birds these are, but I do like how they made them.

Elephant family!  They are so sweet!

We rode on the Merry-Go-Round.  I was sitting on a zebra and was getting chased by a cheetah!  I was thinking it might be interesting if they used the benches as starting points and put animals by order that they are in the food chain.  A bug would be first and then a bird sort of thing.

This is the plaque that was next to my zebra.

Another cute light-up family.

I like how they included the moon and added red to the inside of the mouth.

Light-up goat.  This made me giggle.  I like goats.

I got the second purple glow stick.  The top one I found on the ground, the pink one came from Bill, and the green from Jim.
I had tons of fun and I think it wasn't a bad thing that it was raining.  Since it was a Sat night I feel like there would have been a lot more children to be tripped over if it had been dry out.

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