Thursday, December 4, 2014

I'm glad yesterday is gone!

Yesterday was just a train wreck.  First I didn't get to go to bed until about 1:30 in the morning because we didn't get out of work until a bit before midnight.  I had to get some things ready to take to work to eat so I wasn't able to just come home and fall over.
I was up again at 8:23am to get to work on time at 10am.  I thought I had grabbed everything until I got out to the car where I saw I was missing my Zipfizz and since I needed that extra pep I went back in to get it.  I thought I had grabbed all my keys, but it turns out I had left my car keys sitting on the passenger seat.  Well, while I was inside I heard my car beep as it relocked itself.  Usually my car might arm its alarm without me hitting the button if all the doors are closed, but it doesn't lock the driver door.  It helps so that you won't lock your keys in the car.  Turns out if you don't put the key in the ignition then it just locks all the doors all the way.
It took me over half a hour to find my spare key.  It was in an easy to remember place, but I had put it there about four years ago.  Now it is in a better place and two people besides me know where it is.
Work was just work so there isn't much to report about that.
At knit-night I discovered that the red crochet thread I got was smaller than the other crochet yarn I use.  This means that my sample and my finished item are not the same color.  I asked some opinions and got mixed reviews on what people thought of the size differences.
When I got home Bill was asleep on the couch with a movie on the TV.  Turns out poor Mr. Jag didn't get his dinner so I went to go get all that set up.  His last needle had been used so I grabbed the box and headed to my local Walgreens.  They have been out of their own brand of the short needles for a few months but they were able to search and told me another store had some.  The store was a 24 hour one, so that was good news to hear at 10pm.  I drive myself out there with my old box and asked for some.  The guy gave me a funny look and made a big deal on how he is going to need more info than "I need more of these."  My usual one goes to check to see if they have them and then ask all the detail before they ring them up.  This guy was super suspicious and said that I needed a proof of use.  I could bring things like a label off of the insulin or something like that.
It was about a half hour drive and I was kind of done for the day.  I got all weepy in the car because I was tired and I felt like I was letting Mr. Jag down because he just had to keep waiting for his dinner.  I finally called home and had the Hubby give him a late dinner at 11pm while I was still driving back home.
When I got home I found that the gallon milk jug Bill was keeping some stuff in had sprung a leak.  This means that used transmission fluid and other things were spreading out on the garage floor.  I grabbed some paper towels and Bill moved one of his bikes out of the way.  I got a good layer down to help soak things up.  Turns out it costs money to get rid of that stuff so it makes sense to hold onto it until you have a bunch.  Well, Mr. Jag was trying to be ever so helpful, as usual.  This means that he walked right through some of the muck.  Since used car fluids can't be good for anyone it also meant that Mr. Jag got picked up and I wiped off his little paws.  Two things he doesn't like.  He didn't get the correlation, so he even did it a second time.
Trying again this morning I went armed with the things I needed.  Today I was told some tips and tricks on things to have with me.  Mr. Jag's information is also all in the system, though I'm not sure why it wasn't already in there from all the other times I've gotten him insulin and needles.  I would assume that the Walgreen's system would be accessible from all locations and not just my regular one, but I could be wrong.
Though something fun happened when I went to Walgreens today.  There was a guy going in the store before me that was wearing a neon pink camo stretchy body suit.  He was also wearing tennis shoes and socks over, but that was all on him.  He got in line behind me at the pharmacy and told me that he liked my speckled nail polish.  I told him where I got it.  I don't know if he was trying to see if I was going to have a big reaction to him or not.  So I'm not sure if I let him down by not looking shocked at him or anything.

I also gave away the Manly Mitts to the homeless guy who hangs around the library not too far from my house.  He seemed kind of shocked that I was giving him something.  I might try and be stealthy and see if I see him wearing them later.

I'm also still going back and forth on what I want to work on next.  I'm worried that the socks I have planned have too side of a pattern to really work for socks.  I have to see if it will work or not.
I'm also debating if I should knit the blanket like I had planned before or if I should crochet it.  Another option would be to do both.  So many options!  I am going to run off and see which one jumps out at my first.

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