Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last few things

I had gotten it in my head to make a Christmas colored blanket.  I also got the bright idea to modify OpArt so it looked like it was twisting back and forth instead of spiraling.   I even tried to alternate colors on the bind off, but then I would have run out of green before the last side.

I think the effect had a bit more of an impact in the larger stripes, but I think it didn't work out as I had thought it would in my head.  I was picturing more of a noticeable different in the directions. 
I ended-up casting off using two red stitches and one green.  I also twisted the yarns in the front almost like an elongated half of a Latvian braid.  I like the effect.
My Cascading Leaves and Vines shawl.  It was fun to design and fun to make.  I just need to block it out and get the pattern tested.  I'm trying to decide if I should have the ends of the leaves be points or not.
This thing!  It finally became a hat like object.  I think my gauge might have been a bit tight since it doesn't seem to have as much drape as the one in the picture.
Though this part inspired one of the other knitters.  She thought that it would be really cool if socks had a similar pattern where the ribbing kind of ends and begins.  I'm excited to see what she makes.  She normally doesn't like straying from the pattern, but feels like she might be able to make her own pattern to match this design.
I swear I did block t and it was laying flat at one point.  I'm thinking of making this again with another stitch pattern that might lay a bit flatter.  It would also give it more interesting texture where it goes from the ribbing to what-ever I choose to use.
 Last, but not least.  Since I took away Mousey's last bed, Mr. Jag had to find a new one.  How convenient was it that there happened to be a nice little Mousey sided knitted hideaway right on the floor?  This is where Mousey has been sleeping the last few nights.
I keep trying to get video of Mr. Jag and Mousey playing but the second I try and record it he just stops.  I even held the camera on him without pushing the button so he didn't know what I was doing, but the second I pushed the button he dropped the mouse and walked away.  He's way too smart for his own good.

Not sure if I will get anything else done before the end of the year since my co-worker and her hubby are coming over right after we are done at work, but who knows?

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