Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dates that include counting are fun!

I was looking for some yarn that I was 90% sure I knew where it was.  Turns out I was wrong but I did find the hat pictured above.  All it needed was to be freed from the ball and some ends woven in and it was done.

I started it back before there was a blog.  I used the Vogue® Knitting Stitchionary® Volume Five: Lace Knitting for the center and then added some decreases until the lace part became stockinet and then added ribbing to the bottom.

I know I was talking like I would be finishing crafty items left and right, but I have gotten an odd kick to clean up my house.  As you may or may not remember from my NaNoWriMo ramblings, I was complaining about the state of my house.  Since I don't normally get the urge to tidy up, I have been letting that have a say more than finishing crafting projects.

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