Friday, December 12, 2014

More like it, another thing done!

I can't even remember off the top of my head if I showed this one in progress or not.  It is a cropped version of a baby surprise jacket.  My mom was talking about really wanting to do one but she was feeling unsure if she could follow the pattern or not.  I was going to make one with her then.  She kept working on other things, so I got impatient and started mine.  I didn't have enough yarn to make it full length, but I like the short body with the poofy yarn.
This thing was interesting to add buttons to.  I checked one time and found three evenly spaced button holes.  I then started adding buttons to it.  I found another button hole and had four.  Before adding the fourth button I found yet another button hole.  I think they were just magically appearing as I was adding the buttons.

I also have a cute Mr. Jag story to share!  When I got him some canned food from the vet near my mom's house I met a super nice lady who works there.  She just kept giving me things.  I got some more canned cat food lids and two small kitty toys.  The mouse and the metallic puff ball had been riding around in my car for a few weeks.  I cleared off that seat because I gave a friend a ride and threw them in a bag with random stuff from my car.  I brought the bag in last night when I got home from work.
Around 5:30am Mr. Jag jumped into bed and started doing that scooting pounce thing around.  He would then jump off the bed and start again.  I was wondering if he found some sort of live critter.  I turned on the light and saw what he was playing with.  It was the little black mouse from the vet's office.  He had gone into the bag and fished it out.
He loves that little thing.  I think it replaced the packaged mint as his favorite toy.  He was picking it up by the tail and swinging it around before chasing it again.  If it fell off the bed he would hop down and get it before starting to play again.

In other news, I think I found my first grey hair!  I think it is kind of neat.

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