Sunday, October 5, 2014

Anime USA 2014 report.

I love anime conventions.  Though what I do at them have changed over the years.  I used to take so many pictures, at least two disposable camera's worth.  Now I only take a few.  Though I never used to go with large groups of people, and now there are a lot of people I go with.  I don't mind the change really, though I would like to go back to cosplaying some more and taking more pictures.

I love seeing awesome costumes like this one.  She was the cutest Toothless I have ever seen!

This is something else I like to do at cons that I never did before.  The Maid Cafe.  I like getting the Omurice because the maid you get will draw on it with ketchup.

We got cute cupcakes this time.  I'm not sure what they used for the ribbon because it didn't taste like ceiling, but I really liked it.

One of the people I help during the con brought one of her new friends to join our little group.  She brought these.  They are good alone but taste even better with banana milk (which she also brought).

This isn't a food thing, but don't worry, we will get back to food soon.  Wait...isn't this a crafting blog and not a food blog...  Moving on!  This is the hat I started while at the con.  It is based on the faux brioche scarf my mom had found that I had figured out the pattern for.  It took me an oddly long time to try and figure out how to do it.  I was trying to picture it in my head and was having some sort of imagination block.  I then tried figuring it out on a piece of paper and it took me less than a minute.
I started this one more than once because the pattern looks like a ribbing so an inch of regular 2x2 ribbing looked like it was a bit much.

Here is more food!  I have seen the Eat Your Kimchi people eat this food and I've also seen it on Let's Eat(a very fun Korean drama).  I also got the kit to make it at home, but I wanted to taste the real thing myself.  Well, I got to!  There is a place called Lighthouse Tofu not too far from me that has a bunch of different kinds.  I dragged my co-worker with me, those are her hands and arms.
I think I really impressed some of the people who worked there.  I knew the egg went into the super hot soup(not shown) and about the rice to the side.  The rice with liquid to the right is the leftover bits of rice in with some water.  They combine together to make some burnt rice tea.  I was also explaining what the sides were to her.

This is a very short video of the soup.  You can see how hot it is.  I got the beef and pork version with a medium level of heat.  Next time I am going to get the beef and kimchi.  It was so good and it was the perfect level of spicy.  It also turned out that the kits were not too far off from the flavor of the one in the restaurant.
My co-worker wasn't too impressed by it, but I found out one of my convention friends now lives nearby.  I know he also likes food like this.  Much eating will happen.

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