Monday, October 13, 2014

And then there was fire.

Before anyone worries too much, the following post is about none of these things:
  • Me getting mad and setting knitting or any kind of craft on fire
  • Someone else getting mad and setting any kind of craft on fire
  • Someone getting mad at the Columbus Day sale and setting something on fire
  • Me getting annoyed and setting a customer/item/the whole store on fire
  • Mr. Jag's tail getting lit on fire
  • Anything having to do with my car being on fire
  • Bill being on fire or getting fired
  • Me getting fired
Now that no one is worried anymore, here is what it is about.

There is a guy who decided that getting regular exercise was boring but wanted to get out and take more walks.  He decided the way to liven up a normal activity like that would be to play a tuba while he did it.  While I'm not 110% that's how it went, he became a huge hit.  At first people wondered about the sanity of their friends when it was mentioned that they saw a man playing a tuba and walking down the road.  He even has a Facebook fan page where he goes by TubaGuyFairfax.
Well, neither I nor my mom had seen him for a while.  We were wondering why we didn't see him at all, since it wasn't odd to catch him walking down the street.  It was always fun to see what new way he had decorated his tuba.
I had stuck around my mom's house a bit longer to see part of a pilot to a new show.  It didn't look like something I was going to want to watch long term, so I left after the first few minutes.  I was waiting to turn at a red light when I saw out of the corner of my eye that someone was crossing the road.  It was dark, but I noticed through the fog that there was a lot of shine off of metal.  I take a better look and see a tuba.
It is Tuba Guy!  When he looks over I wave nice and large so I hope he can see it.  Then he smiles and turns back.  The next thing I know, fire is coming off the top of the tuba!
There is a good picture of it on his Facebook page.  It is so much fun!

In crafting news:
The hat is done and now I'm working on the scarf.  It is the same pattern row so it is taking forever.  I am motivating myself with thoughts of my next project.  I am going to take a super cute bunny pattern and make some changes.  This pattern is so cute that you can't help but want to snuggle it's widdle face off.  Once I'm done, you will still want to snuggle, but you might think twice before going in.

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