Monday, October 6, 2014

Tonight was pretty awesome!

Our Monday night knit group's size changes from time to time.  It tends to be bigger in the colder months and around holidays, in general.  There are also some nights we don't get to sit in our regular area because a large party has gotten there first and hasn't left when we start to show-up.  Tonight we were in the second large area, though before too long we spilled over into our normal area of Panera.  Someone who was not in our group was in the last table.  I don't know if the other guy knew him, but some muscley guy came by and ribbed the guy asking if he was learning how to knit.
So the guy with the big muscles ended-up sitting near the part of our group that was in our normal area.  After a bit of time we look over and he has scooted over on the bench and was being taught to knit.  A little bit later he even had one of the ladies take a picture of him with his knitting.
While that was awesome, that was not the only awesome thing that happened.  As we were knitting one of our regular people brought someone over and was talking.  I look up and was not sure I was seeing who I was seeing.  It was Tanis Gray!  She is on Knitting Daily and is also a very good designer(Raverly link).  I was very proud of myself because I didn't go crazy.  When she walked by my end of the table and we made eye contact I smiled and waved to her and she smiled and waved back.

In more news.  I am looking forward to I Love Yarn Day at Nature's Yarn on Friday.  I registered and everything!  If you are in the area I think you should come.  I want to learn how to make both the knit and crochet pumpkins.  I enjoy all things that have to do with pumpkins.

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