Sunday, June 18, 2017

Passive Money

  A few of the people I follow on various forms of social media have various forms of passive money.  It usually has to do with something they did once; a logo, or ebook that then sells off of a website.  I have had a bit of that with the two pay knitting patterns I have up on Ravelry.  I know I had plans on putting up more at this point, but I keep getting distracted.
  I do have the yarn I need for it, so once I finish the Better Together shawl, a commission knit, a little leafy dress, and the Impulse Scallop Shall, then I should have time for it.  It also gives me a bit more time to decide if I want to make it into a half or full circle shawl.
  Bill has taken a bunch of really nice pictures while we were on vacation and I thought it would be really cool for him to do something with them.  I know a lot of cosplayers sell prints online and that is how they get most of their money.  I know that Bill would rather be seeing the sights than stuck in a cubicle, so I thought this might be a neat idea.  Do both for a while and if the photos become popular enough, switch over to that.  Don't know if he will try it out or not.

  Two of my neighbors have put their houses up for sale recently.  One sold really quickly (the one I saw before we left for Scotland) and the other has been listed for a few weeks, but has had no real bites yet.  At first I was a bit bummed because of the picture above.  I didn't know that Gail crocheted and of course I learn about it as they are leaving.
  When I talked to her I got some good news.  They aren't in a huge hurry to get their house sold.  This means that I got to tell her about Wednesday knit-night and tell her that I also crochet.  She was really interested in it and might come out some Wednesday and hang out.
  I also got to learn more about what she makes.  She got tired of just crocheting afghans for people and they got tired of receiving them.  She then started making bears for Mother Bear Project.  The bears can be either knitted or crocheted.  I told her I would keep an eye out for some bear colors at the Free Yarn Event that was in the plans for later in the day.

  One of my friends told me about this and we decided to check it out.   My mom was worried that if we got there too late that all the yarn would be gone.  I was less worried about that even though it wasn't mentioned anywhere how much yarn or what kinds there would be.
  The picture above is about how it looked when we got there.  This doesn't show any of the yarn taken by people who got there before us and it doesn't show the many bins of yarn that were brought out while we were browsing.  There was a ton of Homespun.  I have a love/hate relationship with that stuff.  I love the way it feels, but the twisted texture isn't very friendly to work with if you hold the yarn in a tight manner.  There were also a bunch of fluffy bulky yarns and some Red Heart Super Saver.  It seems the yarn was in bags which had to be generally sorted and put into the bins, that is why it was taking a bit for them to get it all out.
  The pervious owner of the yarn had gone to stores when they were closing or going out of business and buying all their yarn.  The amount of yarn that has gone unused may look impressive, but it turned out that she has made over 300 prayer shawls for her local Prayer Shawl Ministry.  That is super impressive and also explained why most of the yarns she had were nice and soft.
  Later in the day they posted on the Event page that all the yarn has found new homes.  It was really hard for me to not grab all of the bulky yarn since there were so many fun colors and it is so nice to work with.  I did grab a few colors and hope to figure out what to do with them soon.  I'm glad Ravelry has the search features that it does.  Put in the yarn, how much I have, and also have the option to put in what kind of item I might have in mind.  So nice!

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