Thursday, June 1, 2017

Scotland Day 12: Haggis Pizza

  I know it was earlier in the day and they are being considerate for anyone who wants to sleep in, but I was disappointment that they didn’t ring the gong to signal the beginning of breakfast.  They did it for dinner last night.
  I was happy to have gotten to the part of the pattern where I added a new color while in the room.  That way I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to add a new color while winding down the small island roads.  The long drive ahead of us would have been a waste if I had been stuck without knitting.

  Caisteal Maol was just off the bridge to and from Skye.  We couldn’t find any good parking for it, so we actually took some of the better pictures while sitting in the car idling in the section of road we were using to turn around and head to the main road. 
  We saw another pretty waterfall and pulled off to see if we could find it again.  It was easy to see from the road, but a hill was in the way when in the pull-off.  I got reminded again that my shoes are not good for things like this.  I didn’t think to check before I packed them, but it seems they have mesh in the slots.  Bill thinks it is to help cool when jogging.  I find it not useful for Scotland.

  The Well of Seven Heads was unobtrusive and hard to be fully appreciated by tall people.  There was a monument to it that could been seen from the road.  There was then a set of stairs that lead to the well itself.  The was an arched tunnel that lead to the well itself.  I could fully stand in the first section and had to duck a little to get in the second section to see the well.
  On our drive past Loch Lochy (yes, that is what it is called) we passed a spot that had a snack van.  The food truck was called Burger Queen.

  We made a pit stop at the Spean Bridge Woollen Mill and while we were there we decided to take a look around the gift shop.  There was a weaving exhibition also going on.  The resident weaver was also in and working on a piece when I walked by.
  There was also a section that had scotch and two of them had tasters.  One of them tasted like honey.  I had Heather try it and she was also amazed that it tasted like honey.  This lead to everyone trying the Bruadar Malt Whiskey Liqueur and then buying some.

  At some point near the beginning of the trip we mentioned something about me trying haggis pizza.  We tried going to another pizza place the other day, but they needed reservations.  We stopped at the Crianlarich Hotel for lunch and they had a Highlander pizza.  It had haggis, black pudding, Ayrshire bacon, and Locherbie cheddar.  It was really good and I even finished my half of the pizza.

  Where we are staying at wasn’t originally in the plan during stage one.  But we didn’t want to drive for about five hours then get on a plane for eight hours.  I’m glad we are here.  The rooms have a lot of purple plaid, purple pillows, a purple lamp, and even a purple kettle.  The beds also feel nice and soft.
  The one thing that we are not happy about is that each device only gets one hour of internet for free per day.

  The guy at the front desk of Achray told us that there was a walk up to a scenic overlook.  The guys wanted to go and I was also interested in what there was to see.  It was fun and though it was rainy and hard to see, it was still a pretty view.  I also liked the short walk through town.  There was even a brewery, but they seemed to be closed at that time.

 Dinner was done at the hotel since it was just easier.  We all got an espresso cups worth of white bean and chorizo soup.  I got the cauliflower fritters, they were formed into patties with herby tomato sauce and a slab of cheese.  I also got a side salad and a small frier basket of fries.  They were the best I’ve had yet.  I didn’t want it at first, but couldn’t resist the Banoffee Pie.  It is banana with toffee and is amazing!  It didn’t last long enough for a picture.  I will need to make it at home.
 The bed is so soft and is calling my name.  I think I will knit until I fall asleep.

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