Saturday, June 3, 2017

Heading Home from Scotland.

  The Taxi was scheduled for 8am and we were there in time to see a Taxi pull in.  Turns out it wasn’t ours so we waited for our taxi and he waited for his passengers.  We all waited long enough without anyone else showing up that he just told us to get in since we were heading to the airport and that was really close.
  We got breakfast at the airport and I got a croissant that was both more flaky and more substantial than any I have had before.  It was really good and I wish I could get it at home.
 We got in too early for our flight to have an assigned terminal, so we hung out for a while.  Bill even entered to win a car.

  I am a huge fan of planes that have the sections with the middle seat being used as elbow room/tray table.  I gives everyone in the row more room to put things and even be able to stretch their legs to the sides some.  It also means that if you have two people who know each other (or can agree) you can share the center seat’s underfoot area and get more stored away near you and not have to put it above.

  I am very picky about my potato salads.  Turns out I liked the one on our first flight.  I think it is because it tasted like potatoes mixed with cream.  You could actually taste the potatoes and not just mayo.  The dessert was also nice, a layered thing with blended mango under a layer of blended strawberry all topped with vanilla yogurt.
  Since I didn’t want a full lunch on the plane we stopped in at Wagamama and I got the roast duck donburi.  It was really good.
  Our next stop in all of our wondering was to go to the Harry Potter store.  I didn’t think I was going to get anything, but then saw a Hufflepuff keychain with the 9¾ on the back.

  We didn’t have to go through security again.  I wonder if it is because we already went through security once while on the continent and last time we came from another one.
  The long flight back was on a similar, but older plane.  I had planned on charging my phone so I could keep my row counter going, but it looks like I don’t get to.  The dividers are also down the middle again.  It makes me feel like I don’t have any under-seat storage and that I’m just encroaching on the space of both people beside me.  Luckily I know both of them.  The screens are also obviously older and the seats are a bit more narrow.  It means that I was hitting the volume button randomly until I pulled the remote out and hung it next to my legs.
  At one point Heather commented that I was getting farther on my shawl than she was expecting.  Seeing how long it took me to cast on and get the first row correct, I have to say that I am too.
  The process to come back into the country has been semi-automated.  You scan your passport, answer some questions, then it takes your picture and compares it to your passport photo.  For some reason mine had a huge X on it.  I figured I wasn’t allowed back.   The next step is to wait in line for an official person to check your computer print out and let you pass.  He was also confused why mine had an X on it.
  One amusing thing while in line was some guy who was having a bad time.  At one point he threw down his bag and than made big exaggerated arm motions at the guy at the desk.  He really had it when the guy had to leave the desk to get a fan.  He started going off on the girl who was telling people which line to go to about how he was an American and that he shouldn’t have to wait in this line for so long.  He didn’t seem to care when she pointed out that everyone else in line was also an American.
  At least the line wasn’t a two to four hour wait and I am home.  It was a bit weird because I was just getting used to the cars and drivers being on the other side of the road, but not too bad.

  We also think we have figured out Nessy's secrets.  She isn't really a huge thing which would be easy to find.  She is really quite small.  That is why she can hide so well.  It also explains why the pictures taken of her are so grainy and bad, it is because they had to zoom in so much to catch her on film.  Sorry Nessy.

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