Friday, June 2, 2017

Scotland Day 13: Last Full Day

  I had a good night’s rest and a very artistic breakfast.  I didn’t know you could mold scrambled eggs into a cylinder, but they did.  One thing that was annoying was that my shoes weren’t dry from our walk yesterday, so I had soggy shoes to start my morning.

  There were some fun boats to look at outside our hotel.  I took a few pictures while Bill checked us out.  Most were little motorboats, but there was this one sail boat.  I’ve noticed that a lot of the sailboats I have seen all have dark sails.  Now, I don’t know if that is a stripe or not because they have all been rolled up.
  One of the power boats was circling it’s mooring all night.  I don’t know if it was doing a full 360° but it was definitely doing more than 180°.  That doesn’t seem quite right.

  Sterling Castle was pretty interesting.  They have these carved wooden portraits that used to be painted and some even had gold studs in them.  They used to hang from the ceiling, but are in cases currently.

  The Kelpie statues were a lot bigger than I was expecting.  You could walk around and take pictures for free, but if you paid you could get to go inside and up to one of the eyes.  You get to see how they are constructed as well.  I liked the fact that they were made with pieces and you could see bits of sky through them.

  Our last night is in at the Novotel where they want to look very futuristic.  The wall behind the check-in desk had LED circles which change color.  The headboard on the beds also has a little arm-rest like thing that serves as an end table and little cut outs for light above.
  The desk also has a section that swings out and makes it into a T shaped desk.  Though they only gave us one chair that can be used at the desk.  The bathroom has two doors, but they both fit in the same size as a single normal door.  One very skinny side has a mirror and the other can just be used as a door to enter or leave.
  For dinner we walked over to KFC.  Yup, we have one across the street.  Nothing jumped out at me, so I just ate some of Bill’s fries.  I then wanted to go to Krispy Kreme because their Hot Light was on.  When we walked in I saw that they were making the filled ones.  I didn’t get any because I like the glazed hot off the line and want to eat it before it gets cold.  The filled ones have to cool before you can fill them, so they are fresher, but not warm.
  Later I got hungry and just went over to the Tesco near the TKMaxx we stopped in at to get more luggage.  Turns out we are bringing back more souvenirs than will fit.
I got two grab-and-go sandwiches and a Volvic Touch of Juice.  It was a very nice dinner.

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