Friday, April 28, 2017

Beer weekend and The Yarn Truck Commith!!

This was my plan for last weekend:

Beer Festival in Alexandria
Attendees can try beers from 18 breweries while listening to live music from noon to 6 p.m. The event is held in John Carlyle Square Park (300 John Carlyle Street), a short distance south of the King Street Metro station.
The event is free to attend, but tickets are needed to sample beers. The $25 ticket includes a custom beer glass, and two samples from each brewery.
The beer festival has been moved from April 22 and 23 due to expected inclement weather. Tickets already purchased will be honored on the new date, or refunds will be available.

Participating breweries and their offerings for the festival include:
  • Spaten, M√ľnchen, Germany: Spaten Optimat
  • Artisanal Family: Tripel Karmeli
  • Franziskaner: Franz Dunkel
  • Global Belgian: Monk’s Cafe
  • Blue Mountain Brewery: BM Evil 8 & BM Hopwork
  • South Street Brewery: SS BBL Pony & SS Hop
  • Chaos Mountain Brew: Chaos Derring & Chaos Cocoborl
  • Devil's Backbone: DB Pear Lager & DB TRL Catty
  • Dominion Family: DOM Millenium & DOM Double D
  • Forge Works: Forge Farmhouse & Forge Ryes Up
  • Golden Road: GR Wolf Weeds & GR Wolf Pup
  • Goose Island: GI Matilda & GI Halia
  • Mad Fox Brewing Company: Fox Orange Whip & Fox State Vipa
  • O'Connor Brewing: OC TS Zephyr & OC ED Shipwreck
  • Pale Fire: Pale Molly & Pale Salad Day
  • Smartmouth: Smart Notch 9 & Smart Alter EG
  • Starr Hill: SH SS Reviver & SH AA Double Bass
  • Bold Rock: BR Citrus DFT & BBL Bold Citrus
The event also features food selections from:
  • Zabb Thai Restaurant (Manassas)
  • Dolci Gelati Gelato Shop (Alexandria)
  • Passanante’s Home Food Services
  • The Hideout

  However, it was supposed to rain all weekend and as you can see in the description.  It got moved to this coming weekend.  This makes this weekend really busy.  Also very tiring since I have to be at work early for a New Member Orientation.
  The thing I had planned for this weekend was to go and visit with Geraldine, The Yarn Truck.  I know, I know.  The last thing I need is more yarn.  I do want to go and experience it though.  I'm not totally ruling out the option for buying a skein or two of yarn, but it is not why I'm going.  I want to be able to experience it.  I've never seen anything like it in person before, so I'm excited!

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