Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Fools!!

  I spent most of yesterday trying to think of something funny to post for April Fool's Day.  The only thing I could think of was to try and tell people I had given up knitting.  The only problem with that is that anyone who really knows me would have seen through that before they finished reading and would have started laughing.  Some may have laughed so hard that they would have hurt themselves.  Since I didn't want that, I didn't post anything.

  I did, however, go to knitting.  See?  No one would have believed that I would have given up on knitting.  Because of when Easter is and when we meet, we didn't go to the Church on the second Sat, but the first.  These are some of the items dropped off for donation.  So many lovely things!!

  I've also not be sticking to my own plan.  Instead of bringing the grey shrug to work on, I started this hat.  Andrea and I agree that it looks like a Rocket Pop and then we both wanted one.
  Since getting home I have switched back to the grey shrug.  The cat is helping me.

  Are you wondering if that FAQ page is new? Nah, it's been there for months...just kidding, April Fools!  Did I get you?  No?  Well, I was amused.  I had asked friends to send me questions since I don't want people to get confused, but feel free to ask if I have made anything more confusing or didn't answer your question.

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