Saturday, October 3, 2015


  Both my mom and I are working on knitting blankets right now.  She also gave me a yarn that I feel like would make an awesome baby surprise sweater. She has been wanting to make a baby surprise sweater for a while now.  The plan is to have a Baby Surprise Sweater knit-a-long once we are both done with out blankets.
   Once this is closer I am going to be posted a notice about it on the various Ravelry groups I belong to in case anyone wants to join.  Any readers are also welcome to join out knit-a-long once we figure out when it is going to happen.
  If you can't wait for us, head over to Knit Purl Hunter because they have a lot of knit-a-longs.  Right now they have a sports themed scarf going on.

  As you can see, the blanket has outgrown my backpack.  I'm still trying to decide if I want to add a different colored boarder around the outside or not.  I just keep going with the pink and I will reassess how I feel once I run out.

  As you can see in this picture, running out of the pink might happen sooner than anticipated.  I started the last skein I have of the light pink in the middle of finishing the last corner turn.  As you can see, it might not make it to the end.  Don't worry too much, I was knitting faster so I can beat the yarn to the end.  That's how it works, right?  If I knit fast enough I can get to the other edge before the yarn knows it has run out.

  I called in an expert to see what he thinks.  He got distracted by how soft and puffy the blanket is and couldn't give me a straight answer.
  if nothing else, at least it has been proven again and again that knitting/crochet does have health benefits.  Though I don't know why the article says to choose needles over Netflix, I usually choose both at once!

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