Tuesday, October 6, 2015

"I want my needles to draw blood!"

  No one can say that knitters are boring.  In fact, that title was said when we were discussing needles and how pointed or blunt we personally like them.

  Another exciting thing about knitting is how we sometimes love on the edge...or close to the edge.  As you can see, I didn't make it to the end with that last skein.  Right now I'm hoping I can find that sample cowl I made for work months ago and use some of that yarn to get to the end.

  Someone donated this to K&CC through one of our members.  It was the two skeins of yarn in the bag with the started project and pattern.  No needles.  The stitches were just hanging out.
  I put it on some random needles I had close to me and assessed the project.  At first I wanted to just keep going from where they had left off, but then I took a closer look at it.  It was knit at a really loose gauge and there were too many odd things about it that I would not be able to live with them.
  It had pulled in where they switched from the garter stitch beginning to the pattern rows.  There were two spots where they had accidentally kept going with the garter stitch in the stockinette areas, and some how there were 13 stitches on the 12 stitch edge.
  Though I want to be able to appreciate all the work that went into what this person had started, I knew I wouldn't be happy continuing with it the way it was.

  It took about six hours, but I went to bed with the scarf back to the same point it was at when I ripped it all out.  I am so much happier with it.  I also used less yarn than had been used before.  I think that is a combination of re-knitting the yarn and my tighter gauge.
  I am also super excited for some of the color peaking through.  I don't have ball bands for either of these, so I have no idea what will be coming out of the gradient one on the right.  The picture also makes the slight gradient of the brown on the left more apparent.

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