Thursday, July 3, 2014

Since I didn't get much else done today.

I knew I had put it off way too long so last week I finally took myself down to the Social Security Office to get my name changed.  The building was full and there was a line going out the door.  I waited for about 20 minutes but I had forgotten by iPod and my phone had almost no battery, so I had nothing to entertain myself with, so I gave up and went home.
I tried again and had more luck.  I also had some super nice people to talk to in line this time.  The girl right behind me was Russian and had a diamond in her tooth.  The lady behind her had just gotten married for the second time.  They were also going to be heading to the DMV after, I am glad I am not them today.  Though we were in line for about an hour before getting a number it was pretty fun.  There was a girl who it looked like she had been knitting a shawl, but she was leaving as I was about to get my number.
I had the nice people from the line to talk to and The Knit Girllls podcast to keep me entertained for the next hour of sitting.  The nice lady who works there was glad that mine was nice and easy, she had had some harder people before me.  I wished her luck with all the people who were waiting after me.  We then talked a luttle bit about how she was amazed at how many people came in every day.
As I was leaving I waved to the nice couple and they waved back.  They were awesome.

The kite shawl is getting big, but since it is top down it is getting harder and harder to show off.

Here, finally, is my small Skywalker shawl.  That tiny shiny thing that it looks like my shawl is going to eat is a penny.  So it isn't ridiculously small, but still smaller than I was expecting.
This yarn is Vanna's Glamour.  I absolutely love how sparkly it is.  I had so many problems with the sparkle strand breaking while I was working on this.  It usually happened during the decreases.

I am super happy with how the baby blanket turned out.  I kind of made-up the middle part using double crochets and post stitches.  The border was from the Tweed Baby Blanket.

Sorry about the odd lighting on both of the pictures, a thunder storm is rolling in and I tried using my small Ottlite to pretend I had good lighting for pictures.

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