Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rock on, random dudes, rock on.

There is a little brew-place near me I have been wanting to go to for a while now.  Tonight the hubby suggested we go there.  I tried two different beers at Lost Rhino Brewing Co., one I liked (Birth of Ace) and one that was strange tasting (Smokey & the Rhino).  I was trying really hard to think of how to decribe S&tR...the only word I could think of was feet.  Though I didn't mean it in a bad way.  The nachos were also super yummy.
On the way home we were passed by three random dudes in a car.  They were "whoo"ing out the passenger side of the car.  They seemed to be having a good time.  As we passed them I gave them the "rock on" signal and they loved that.  They seem like cool dudes to know.

Back to more crafterly talk.
This is the first sleeve of the Zippered Cable Sweater(Ravelry link). It is coming along quite nicely.  The body is completely finished and the ends are even woven in!  I'm glad it is going so quickly.

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