Friday, July 18, 2014

Cloths for $1 per pound?!

I have been reading the archive of Refashionista like it holds all the answers to every question ever asked.  Actually, it is just fun to see the before and after transformations.  It is also a lot of fun, once you get a feel for what she likes to do with things, to try and guess what she is going to do with something.  She even did a year where she made something everyday and then donated them in the end.
She has mentioned a few times that there is a second hand shop that does a pound of cloths for a dollar.  One of my friends mentioned that the Good Will by where she used to live does that.  I wonder if any near me do that.  Is there a way to search for that?
I have been gathering materials and things to start making some Little Dresses for Africa.  If I could get a bunch of children through teen t-shirts for a really good price I could make a bunch of t-shirt dresses pretty quickly.  I even have a dress I bought that has a knit tank-top bodice and woven cotton bottom, so I know how to do it and it doesn't look too hard.  Just a bunch of pinning and some stretching while sewing.

I have a fun idea what I can do with my LDfA sewing.  I bought a bunch of muslin dolls and I plan to sew them a matching dress to go with the big one.  I'm wondering if I should try and dye them or not.  Dolls for Africa suggests using brown fabric when sewing the doll body.  Since the outer fabric of the dolls I bought should be muslin, it would take dye quite nicely.  I could even throw in a bunch at once to get them done.  I am still debating if I want to add faces or not.  I know they might be creepy, but I kind of like how they look without a face.

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