Sunday, January 13, 2013

There are how many ways to cast on and bind off?!?!

My mom found a test knit in a Ravelry group that mentioned using this cast on.  It is really cool!

I really need to try and find this book now...

In other news: The frilly scarf and I went out to lunch with a friend.  I will be trying to teach him how to knit.  This time should go better, the last time we tried was my first time trying to teach someone.  It did not go well.


Turns out it did go a bit better!  It seems there might be a refresher coarse needed, but I have no problems with that.  I also managed to finish the frilly scarf while we were having coffee.

In more other news: I got one reply back from the publisher.  I had asked if I could use the prompts from 642 Things to Write Journal. She was asking for clarification, so I still don't know if I have the all clear to start or not.  One fun thing was that she said that there are a lot of knitting fans down (over?) at Chronicle Books!  How fun is that?

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