Thursday, January 3, 2013

Not something for charity, but something nice

I made this for my mom since it has become a tradition that I knit her an ornament for Christmas.  After the big day I posted pictures of it on my FB page and on Ravelry.  I was asked what the pattern was, and since it was more of a "making it up as I go along" I posted the general thing I did on Ravelry.  Since it is out in the world and not a big secret, I figured I could post it on here too.
Who knows, one of you could find somewhere to donate these to and it would be wonderful for someone.  Or you could just make a bunch and give them to loved ones once the season has come back around.

Simple but Frilly Ornament

80 mm ormanent
Caron Simply Soft yarn
Red Heart Boutique Ribbons yarn
US size 7-8 needles (~4.75 sts per inch with yarn)

Cast on 4 sts.
R1: Kfb around (8 sts)
R2: K8
R3: Kfb around (16 sts)
R4: K16
R5: *kfb, k* around (24 sts)
R6: k24 adding ribbon yarn
R7: *kfb, k2* around  without ribbon yarn (32 sts)
R8: K32 with ribbon yarn

Keep increasing by 8 sts with just the yarn and then knitting a plain row with the ribbon yarn until it almost fits over half your ornament with a tiny bit of stretching (56 sts for one in picture)

Knit one round straight with just the yarn
Knit one round with both yarn and the ribbon

Decrease in a similar manner as the increasing by doing it on a just yarn row and by decreases 8 sts evenly around the circle.
Make sure to slip work onto ornament before opening gets to be too small.

Since I didn't add the ribbon yarn until I had a few rows established there is a bald spot on the bottom of the ornament, I didn't as much because I was working on this the night before and was making it up as I went along. If you care more, you could add the ribbon yarn on row 2, the first plain row.


I'm also amused by the date, 1/3/13.  Haha, I'm easily amused!  This might happen a lot...

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