Monday, January 14, 2013

More like 32-62 Things to Write About...

I got another reply from the lovely Jane from Chronicle Books.  She had some good and bad news.  Bad news was that I could not preform a "Julie & Julia" style remake of the book 642 Things to Write About.  The good news was that she could let me use, free of charge 32-64 of the writing prompts.  While going from 642 to 32-64 is a bit of a bummer, it could also be more fun.  More of a challenge.  I can't just open up  to the next page and start there.  I have a limited number.  I have to go through and pick the best of the best!
Also, like I said before, I have other sources to get more prompts from if I find I really like this plan.

Nothing much new to report in the land of knitting.  I've gotten to where there is now a bit of dark blue along with the black on the serape.  During knit night tonight I worked on the Christmas colored triangle scarf that I started at some point last year.
I do, however, have some nice plans for knitting.  I am going to make a pair of Jaywalker Socks(pdf link) once I am done with the serape.

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