Sunday, January 6, 2013

It helps to keep me going...

As some of you, who know me in person, know; I am knitting a serape.  Not only that, it is a boring one.  The person I'm making it for works as a dish washer at the restaurant that the Wed night group used to go to.  For a list of reasons, the group doesn't meet there Wed nights anymore.  Some of us go there still on our own, but not en-mass like we used to.
My mom and I still go there and our usual server told us that one of the dish washers has always wanted a hand-knit sweater or serape.  Since I was the only one in the group to have ever made a sweater I was voluntold that I should be the one to knit it.  I tried to suggest a serape to the group to get all the attention off of me, but it didn't work.
At first I thought it wouldn't be too bad, all the serapes I've seen pictures of tend to be nice and colorful and I thought that would be fun to knit.  Turns out he wants it to be black with a bit of dark blue on the area around the head/neck opening.  So now I'm knitting a giant black thing.  It is pretty much a plain blanket with a slit in the middle. Ugh.  I added a seed-stitch boarder around the thing in hopes that I don't have to move instead of admitting that I couldn't finish the thing even if he gave me 5 years to finish it.
Another thing I did to motivate myself was to buy some fun yarn.  I've put it in the bag with all the black yarn so that I see it often.  I've told myself that I'm not allowed to knit with this yarn until I finish the serape.

This is what I got.  I am falling for the trend of these silly scarves.  I planned to make this for charity  so I made sure to get a color scheme I didn't care for.  While I do love purple, I do not care for that green.  I know someone out there will love every inch of it and know that Red Heart choose this color scheme just for them, but that person isn't me.
I also know that these scarves aren't very warm, but that's not always what people need.  If this was taken to a battered womens shelter and it made someone feel pretty and special again, then it totally did its job.

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