Friday, January 11, 2013

Hurray, a break!

I know, I know, and no it isn't.  I know I said that I wouldn't start on the frilly scarf until I was done with the serape.  I know I said I was using that yarn to get through the serape.  As you can probably guess from my previous statements, the serape isn't done.
I ran out of yarn....
My mom and I had guessed at 10 skeins for the whole thing.  Well, I am almost half way into number 7 and I'm not half-way done with it.  Another problem is that most places I have checked for more are either sold out or don't carry it.  I'm going to do more hunting tomorrow.
As a reward for getting so much done (I only started it on the 30th of last month) I decided to bust-out the reward yarn.

This is what I have done so far.  As of right now the reds and pinks wants to all try and be on one side.  I'm fine with that.  What I wasn't fine with before was how it was looking.
All the ones I've seen are all puffy and frilly and fun.  Mine wanted to look like a funny-colored spiral.  I tried going into every loop, just made a small and tight spiral.  I then tried every other loop, just made a bigger the floppier spiral, but still no ruffles.  While they might have come later in the project, I didn't want to risk it.
Here is what I did:
I cast on using every other loop and tucked the tail while I was doing that.
The next row I knit using ever other loop, but the row after that I used every loop.
I'm going to knit 4 rows using every other loop and have the 5th be in every loop.  I like how it looks so far.

I also need "good luck" thoughts on finding more yarn for the serape...

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