Sunday, January 20, 2013

One thing on hold, another is a go!

The lovely Mr Jag is modeling the holiday scarf that was started last year.  I'm working on it again for two reasons.  I told myself that I wouldn't start the Jaywalker Socks until I was done with the serape.  That way I would have motivation.  The other reason is that I'm at a pause point on the serape.  I don't want to cut any yarn until I check to make sure he likes how it is so far.  That won't happen until Wed.
So to keep myself from going against the first reason is to knit on something else.
True I could just do some activities that aren't yarn related.  I could go Geocaching (but not after dark), I could go for walks (again, not after dark), I could clean something (hahahahaha).  I've done some of those things while I could, but it is a lot more fun to knit while at knit night, or a knitting party.

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