Wednesday, July 19, 2017

No Longer Melting

  Everyone was saying that I should call someone to look at our outside unit.  I should probably get someone to check it over at some point, we have been in our house for almost 9 years, but I kept putting it off.
  Bill was in and out all of last night and looking things up on the internet.  I was hoping that since the same thing happened before we left for Scotland (and then magically fixed itself) that it would fix itself again.

  It is bad if they look like this.  The top is supposed to be flat and recessed a little.  He pulled this one out while I took notes about what wires went to what.  Once the new one was in and the emergency pull for the power was put back in, it jumped back to life.

  My plan for my Impulse Scallop Shawl is to try and not run out of yarn.  The pattern says I should use about 1600 yards of yarn.  I have some less than that, but I'm also not using the same yarn.  It isn't even the same weight, so I'm also not using the same needles either.  I have six full skeins and a small ball left over from the cowl I made.
  My plan is to check where I am in the pattern when I get near the end of skein three.  If I'm not at the center of the shawl or past the center, it just might have to be a bit shorter than the pattern calls for.  What would be really funny is if I have a bunch left over once I'm done.

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