Saturday, July 15, 2017

I'm Doing a Bit Better at This.

  Normally the picture below would be followed by some thing about how I got all this great yarn to use for charity and a story about how I got it.

  This is not a normal post about yarn at all because all that yarn is stuff that I pulled out of my stash and brought to K&CC earlier today.  I had the grand plan to use a lot of the Team Spirit yarn (hard to see, but that is what most of the bag is made of) to make a bunch of different hats.  I managed to make two and while that was fun, I quickly ran out of steam on that plan.

  I also had a mishap with one of them.  I tried to wash it.  I bet a lot of you are either rolling your eyes or sadly shaking your head about it.  The band had become gross and I didn't know if hand washing would be enough.  The yarn was structurally fine, just didn't want to risk anything.

  It took most of the day, but I got that mess sorted.  It didn't help that our AC unit is having problems.  The inside fan is blowing cool air, but the house isn't giving the outside unit enough power to get it started.  Tank loved that the windows were left open all night.
  Somehow through all of that, I got the shrug worked on and finished the body.  Today at K&CC I picked up along the opening and finished the ribbing for the body.  Since Tank has laid on it and chewed on the yarn at various points, it is now soaking in some sudsy water.
  I'm really excited to start the Impulse Scallop Shawl, and hopefully my AC will be back to full strength before it gets too big.

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