Monday, July 24, 2017

Forgotten Yarn

   I know I started this blog so I would have a place to show off the things I made and donated to charity.  I did post once, some crafty items that I didn't make, but donated.  I'm wondering if I should list any of the items that I didn't make and aren't craft related that I donate.
  Above is a picture of some tops I got for free a while ago.  I was going through Craig's List and saw someone giving away a big bag of shirts.  I saw a few I liked and got the bag.  I have since pulled out the two tops I liked and these have just been sitting around.  I did a second go-through to see if my style has changed enough that I might like any more of them.  Nope, still feel like I would never wear them.
  I had them listed on LetGo for a while and no one has even expressed some passing interest.  I wondered how long I should let them sit, since I've contacted people about items that were listed for over a month.  I decided the other day to list them for sale on Craig's List.  The listing is good for seven days.  If they don't sell in that time they will be getting donated.  I have a pair of boots that I will be doing similar to.
  Now, after all that, back to what I was wondering.  Would it be okay to post those things on here?  I am donating them, but I didn't make them.  I also know that this is my blog and I've gone off into left field many times on here before.

  I was walking through my kitchen and saw a large plastic bag.  When I peaked inside I saw some poor yarn that had been forgotten.  This bag was supposed to also come with me to K&CC.
  I asked Bill if he was shocked that I was getting rid of yarn.  His first answer was that since I said I was going to do it, that he wasn't shocked that I actually did it.  I then clarified that I wanted to know if he was shocked when I said I was going to do it.  He said he was.  Nice to know I can still keep him on his toes.

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