Saturday, December 5, 2015

Finished the socks in time!

  I did it!  The socks were done with two days to spare.  Though I started late, my HiyaHiya Flower Lace Socks Oct/Nov KAL is done.  I have some plans on using the lace pattern to make some fingerless mitts, but those will probably have to wait until after I finish the Baby Surprise knit-a-long.
  One of the other people from my Monday knit-nights has a group of knitters in her neighborhood who also want to knit a Baby Surprise jacket.  I asked her if they have a start date yet and have not heard back.  If I don't hear back by Monday I plan on starting.  So unless you hear anything different from me, plan on casting on around Monday.  Some of us do refer to it as Cast-on Monday in my area.

  Carola is at it again.  The group had been given a few finished duck heads.  Most of the people seemed confused, but I figured it was for crochet taxidermy.  Andrea had never heard of it before, but now loves the idea.

  Since I'm waiting to hear back about the start date I decided to work on my 10-stitch blanket some more.  Ravelry doesn't have an option to put that you are working with US size 18 needles.  They have US 17 and US 19, but no US 18.  Here is my proof that I really am working with some.
  This is the 10-stitch blanket my mom finished.  The little squares that the yarn made are really cool.  It has already been passed on to Renae's son, so he will be getting a blanket made out of the yarn that was intended for that.

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