Friday, November 27, 2015

Sock stuff and my beef with Black Friday.

  Two at a time socks seemed really straight forward at first, then kind of confusing.  I worked the leg with no problems and worked all of the heel flap really easily.  I then turned each heel, one at a time, also with little problem.  Then I got to the slightly confusing part.  I had to pick-up along the heel flap, but I also didn't want tons of stitches on one side pulling some of the stitches from the other side out of whack.
  So I picked up one side with one the heel stitches and the other with the top of the foot stitches.  Decreasing was easy enough to keep track of, but then I wondered what I would do once I was finished and was then working on the foot area straight.

  As you can see, I still have six of the sole stitches hanging out with the patterned stitches that go along the top of the foot.  This would have been fine until I got to the toe decreases, but it kind of bugged me that they weren't with their other sole stitches.

   The six stitches that needed to move on the sock nearest the end of the needles were easy to move.  The set on the sock that rested between the two was a bit more difficult.  When it was time to move them the cable on the circular needle had half the stitches of the first sock in the way, you couldn't just move them over.  So I worked the stitches and then slid them to a tiny circular I had laying around.

   Then once I got back to the sole stitches of the correct sock, I just slid them on.  It probably sounds harder than it was.  That extra needle was only there for a few minutes and didn't even get in my way at all.

The corn pudding is missing because it was still in the oven.
  This year was also the first year that I had Turkey Day at my house!  We usually all go over to my parents' house and eat there.  Bill wanted to smoke the turkey and since I wanted to make a few sides we knew it would be easier at our house.
  It didn't go as bad as I feared.  The turkey's temp probe got put in a bad place, my stuffing base boiled over because my mom had moved my can opener and no one could find it (it was in the laundry room), I burned my fingers slightly, my favorite serving dish got broken, and my corn pudding took over twice as long to bake as it should have.  Though it was very memorable, nothing was brunt, and nothing was raw.  Everyone left the table feeling way too full and we all had to wait an hour before we could fit pie in.  The whipped cream was even a spitter.
  The rest of the night was spent playing Cards Against Humanity until we all got too sleepy and found our beds.

  Mary had wanted to go Black Friday shopping with me, but I tend to tell people I am against Black Friday.  Then I thought about it more and realized that I have purchased things on most Black Fridays.  Though I think the most I've spent in the last 6 years on a Black Friday was $13.
  So I am not against buying things on Black Friday if you are going about it the smart way.  A lot of the deals that are being offered are going to be offered again before Christmas.  Some will not.  I know where I work that the prices of the flannel and fleece are their best at Black Friday.  A lot of the other things will have better prices before Christmas.
  I do not agree with how early everything starts.  You don't hear about stores opening at 4am for their Martin Luther King Jr. Day sales.  Instead of special sales going from 6am-1pm can't they go from 9am-4pm just as easily?  It makes it so much harder on the employees.
  I also don't agree with the hype.  I don't see anyone camped outside of Best Buy for their Valentine's Day sale or hear about people getting trampled during Wal*Mart's Presents Day sale.  A lot of the things people are so eager to buy will just get returned once they get a good night's rest and look through all the bags.

  Anyway, I am done ranting.  I shall go eat leftovers in my PJs and hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday weekend.

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