Thursday, December 24, 2015

Another kind of virtual cat.

  Lots of people love games with virtual animals in them.  You can play with them but don't have to worry about allergens, or vet bills.  This website combines the fun of playing with cats on your computer with real cats.  iPet Companion has put camera in the kitty rooms of some shelters and lets you play with them digitally.  You get two minutes to move three toys in the room.  It can be tons of fun, and if you choose a shelter near you, you might find a kitty that you could even go and adopt and keep for yourself.

  I have been mentioning starting some fingerless mitts since I finished the socks.  I still have not started them, but I have been working on my Spectra.  I am getting closer to the reds and yellows.
  This is the yarn I am thinking of using on the ribbed sections of the mitts once I start them.  Kris from Monday night was going to make a hat, but she wasn't feeling it in this yarn. 

  Juniper Moon Farm is hosting a fundraiser by selling the wooden cut-out animals on her Etsy shop (linked below). A portion from each sale of the wooden animals is being donated to Heifer International.
  Allison from Monday night got a bunch of us some of those little bunnies and sheep. This one isn't mine, but I did get one just like it.  Juniper Moon Farms suggested using some scrap yarn to make sweaters for the alpacha, sheep, bunnies, and goats.  Susan Anderson had another idea and posted a tiny flock of sweaters for good.  They are all so cute!  The one pictured above is not one of those, but something that was made-up on the fly.

  I'm off to go finish wrapping presents.  I hope everyone has a super awesome holiday season!

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