Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Blue Shawl Period.

  I finally successfully blocked the Herbivore inspired shawl.  I also tried to think of some cool place to take a picture of it, but a lot of the plants out in front of my house have seen better days so that wouldn't work.  It is also a large thing, so I just went with where it was.

   It sure is a funny shaped thing isn't it?  I didn't expect it, though I should have since the garter stitch would make that section not as long as the rest.  I am digging the strange shape though, looks kind of like some sort of helmet.

  The odd shape does help to hold it on though.  Though when I did the measuring for where those sections would fall I had planned on them being higher up.  Oh well, they are still really cool.
  Anyone remember this guy?  It seems I finished it, blocked it, and once it was dry I just folded it up and didn't take any pictures or mention it or anything.  That makes me such an awesome blogger.
  Who knows how long it would have gone unmentioned if I hadn't been gathering things together?  I have been feeling kind of bad going to the K&CC meeting with nothing in hand.  I know that no one there really cares, but I know I have finished things at home and I know I should bring them with me. 

  I have that cowl I showed before off the needles, but I'm having problems trying to figure out how to block it. The cast on and bind off I used made the edges ripple some, so I want to be able to slip something into the cowl itself to help hold it in shape, but I can't find anything that won't get ruined by water.
  I am also almost done with another cowl using the same slip stitch pattern, but with less color changes.  I know I will be able to use up all of the orange this way, though I will have some leftover green.

Since I always have fun posting links to advertise and spread the word for other people, here are some more:
  • The Crayon Initiative: Takes old crayons, mostly from restaurants, and makes new ones for anyone who is in need of them.
  • Companion app: This is just really cool.  It makes it so that even though you might have to walk home from the bus or where-ever you were late at night, you aren't completely alone.

   I have not been pushing the GoFundMe as much as I have been in the past, but as of right now we are at 27%!  That's more than a quarter of the way there!

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