Sunday, September 13, 2015

My car, my cat, ...and my can?

  So first my car's check engine light came on.  Then they noticed that I also needed a new front axle boot along with the oxygen sensor.  This took almost a week to do, so I got a really fun Golf TDI clean diesel to use.  While they were still working on that, Mr. Jag started to act a bit weird.  He would hold one ear out to the side some and would sometimes slightly loose balance when walking.
  I took him in and it turns out he had a very slight ear infection in both ears.  I now know the "joys" of putting ear drops in a cat.  Though at least mine isn't a biter, scratcher, or wiggler.
  Since people always say that bad things happen in threes, I was thinking what else could go wrong.  First it was my car, then it was my cat, so I thought it would be funny if my can were next.  Then I tried to take it back really quickly.
  It didn't totally work.  When I used the toilet the next morning it made sputtering sounds when I flushed it.  Somehow some air had gotten into the pipes.  Lucky for me, my three bad things, though hilariously named, went down in the level of 'bad' as they happened.

  I did figure out a way to block the cowl.  This is the small trash bin I keep in the TV room so I have an easy place to throw away anything I might have to while working on things on the couch.
  I'm still waiting on the second one to finish drying before I take any pictures of it.

  I have also started on my newest project.  I have had this chunky yarn in my car for so long that it is starting to fade from the sun.  I also knew I wanted to make one of those Ten Stitch Blankets(Ravelry link) for a while.
  I had to put the call out for needles though.  I have US size 15 needles and then it jumps to US size 50 needles.  I knew the 50s were going to be too big, and the 15s too small.  I asked if there had been any US size 19s donated or not.  Turns out we could only find one US size 19 needle.  Not a set of them, one individual needle.  My mom went digging around in her stash of needles and came out with a pair of US size 18 needles.  I didn't even know that was an option.  I think they are working out though.

  In the pattern you work short rows with wrap and turns at the ends.  I was getting confused because usually when you do that you pick-up and work the wrap at some point to hide it.  This is not the case with this pattern.  I was also worried that if I had to put it down while I was working on increasing the length of the short rows that I would be confused and have to start the whole corner over again.
  As you can see in the picture above, it isn't too hard to tell with this yarn if the stitch in question has one or two wraps on it.  The bulky yarn will also make it a nice and quick project.

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