Sunday, August 30, 2015

Is it fall yet?

  I am a huge fan of the transitional seasons.  It is warm enough that you don't need a heavy coat, but can still wear a hoodie, sweater, or cute jacket with your outfit.  It is also the time when there are less temperature dangers to worry about.  No frost bite or heat stroke.
   I can't wait to see the leaves start to change colors and for there to be pumpkin flavored everything!  This slippy cowl tells everyone that.  That link takes you to the kit, bit just the pattern is free on Ravelry.
   It is such a nice project too.  I felt like I got a few rows done and I'm already done with the first slip stitch section.  I liked having the slip section be surrounded by the contrast color, so I'm not exactly following the pattern.  That isn't the only thing I have changed.  The first garter stitch area is bigger and I also made the slipped section bigger by one repeat.  I also changed row 1 of the slip pattern the first time I worked it so that I knit what would have been the slip stitches in the new color, and slipped what would have been the knit stitches.
  I might also only do two slipped stitch sections instead of the three.  That way I might be able to make 2 out of the yarn instead of one with odd leftovers.  I will have to weigh the yarn once I'm done with the second section.

  I forgot that I was soaking the big blue shawl, so I had to dry it out and re-wet it so it won't smell musty.  I didn't totally forget about it.

  Since I don't have any finished shawl to show you, I figured I would make up for it by posting some links to some pretty cool things.
  • Sproutworld: Pencils that become plants after you can't use them for writing anymore.
  • Bellabeat: A little leaf that can help you with your fitness.
  • Open Bionics: Using 3D printers to print more affordable bionic hands for those who need them.
  • CLICK for Babies: Because their theme is purple.  Just kidding.  They are making purple baby hats to raise awareness for shaken baby syndrome.
  I'm off to go work on that cowl some more while watching the latest season of New Girl on Netflix.

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