Friday, August 21, 2015

Hat or headband?

  I have been wanting to make Calorimetry for a while now.  I didn't have enough yarn to do the project as written, but I wanted to give it a go anyway.  I changed the second half of the pattern a little.  Instead of going to the marker for the first two increased short rows I stopped 2 before, then used the usual 4 stitches on most of the other rows.  Then 4th to last row work until last 6 sts, (2 left on row) work next row normal (4 sts left on row), work back across all stitches and then do one whole row back.  That makes it so that you only have one hole where I was getting holes at every turn.

  Though I didn't do as many short rows as the pattern told me, mine is wider than the one in the pattern.  That is probably because I didn't actually do a swatch, I just kind of had yarn and needles and went to town.  Seems like a theme with this yarn doesn't it?
  The shawl is technically done, but I need to wash and block it.  The tails are even woven in.

  About seven days ago we got another big donation for the make-up bags!  I love when we get donations and even just shares.  Every single step, even small ones, gets us closer to our goal!

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