Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I need a new knit-friendly purse.

  Another day that while I had lots of fun, I didn't make it to knit-night.
  On Monday my mom had to take my Dad to the airport and that is near my house.  So instead of just heading home, she came over and we hung out.  That was not very productive though.  The veggie stand, bead store, and yarn shop were closed on Mondays.  Go us.
  Since Wednesday knit-night is out my way, we decided to try the veggie stand again.  My mom got some pickled asparagus and I got some peach butter.  We then saw a sign that you can go pick your own blackberries for $5 per pound.

  We got lost trying to find it.  The plants were so tall and thick we thought they were grapes at first and walked right past them.  We found a barn with some nice tan guy with dreads who gave us directions how to find the blackberries.  While there were a ton still not ripe there were enough for us.

  While we were being lost we found their chicken coup.  My mom made chicken sounds at them and really confused the hens.  I think chickens are cute, so I like seeing them when I can.

  Since we were almost there we went to Tysons Corner Center to get dinner.  It is a pain to get to and park and all that because there are way too many people flinging around with their cars.  I like going in the early part of the middle of the day because a lot of people are at work and not as many on the road.

  Mary and I had gone in search of candy and had seen an ad for a good looking resteraunt.  We didn't end-up eating there then, so my mom and I went today.
  There was this very helpful poster telling me how to eat my tartine at Le Pain Quotidien.  The food is super fancy and the prices are not.

  We saw this on one of the other tables with no people at it, so we snagged some and put it on the extra piece of bread we had.  It is like Nutella in the hazelnut aspect, but also a bit different.
  This is where it would have been handy to have some knitting with me already.

   Since we were in the mall already in the mall I had to take my mom to this candy store.  I want to move into Lolli and Pops and never leave.  Never ever.
  I call them the "weird candy store" for a few reasons.  Not only do they carry a lot of unusual candy, but they also let you taste anything you want out of the scoop containers.
  My mom didn't believe me.  She mentioned to me that they don't want you to try ALL the scoop container candy.  One of the employees heard her and said "Yes you can, we can start at the front and work our way to the back!"
  I always joke that I see through their plot.  I know when I go to candy stores I see things that sound good, but I don't want to waste money in case they aren't.  Since I can taste test I get to find out that the toffee almonds really are amazing and I need a bag full of them in my life.
  My mom then loosened up and tried a bunch of the candies.  We even found some of the dark chocolate caramel candies with sea salt that we have only ever found in Vermont before.  The price was cheaper too.  She got some of those and I got a Popin' Cookin' Candy Sushi kit.

  While I don't think that this day was a waste or anything since I got to spend most of it with my mom, I didn't get much crafting done.  Though there wasn't a lot of down time, I could have gotten a few stitches in while waiting for our food to arrive.
  I think I am going to keep an eye out for a purse where I can put some small knitting in there so I will be prepared.

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