Sunday, August 2, 2015

I want to share it all!

  I know there are lots of people who see and experience things in their lives and feel blessed to have seen them, but I want to be able to share.  Now, I don't mean to share every second of my life like I'm making my own reality show, but I want to show off the cool things.  I had an awesome opportunity to do this, but no way to act on it today.
  I own an original Hero GoPro.  I had fun playing with it some with the small memory card I have been using for my camera and I think I have all the settings the way I want them.  The only problem is that since the memory card is so small I only get a few minutes of video on it before it is filled.  I had planned on going to the store and getting a larger memory card, but Bill said he probably had some laying around I could use.  Though he was too busy to get to really look before we went on a short motorcycle trip.
   Though I know we can go back and see some of the things again, I know some of the things will be different.  Those two spotted baby deer won't be there the next time, and that baby cow will probably be bigger and probably won't be walking out of that cute little hut that it was in the next time around.
  Anyway, enough complaining and more fun pictures!

 This is where we ended up for lunch.  I love this place.  It is so fun.

 We sat at the bar and you can see the light in the middle.  It changed colors going all though the rainbow.  Their chili was also really good.  I hope to go back at some point.

  Here is something more along the lines that everyone is here for.  The crafty stuff!  There are way too many stitches on these needles to really show you what it is really looking like.  If you know what to look for this gives you an idea of what I have going on. 
  I'm still wondering what I want to do once I get to the bottom of it though.  I don't know if I want to just cast off in pattern or if I want to add a garter stitch edging.  I guess I will just keep chugging along until I can make up my mind.

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