Thursday, July 30, 2015

Another Donation!

  While at K&CC I got an in-person donation.  I was thinking that I would have to lower my final amount and make some sort of note somewhere how much I have, but it turns out they already have a way to keep track of that.  You can enter in offline donations right on the website.
  More good news is that it looks like I have a bunch of bags coming my way.  Blair is getting a bunch of her old Ipsy bags and her grandmother and friend will be donating some as well.  This is exciting because it means I can spend more on the things I'm going to be putting into the bags.  I know I'm saying that every step is exciting, but I am actually getting excited about every part of this.
  At work I even got some old Ipsy bags from my co-worker Rachna.  I might have some extra bags for when I try this again.  I might also put together some make-up bags and auction them off for some money to donate, though I won't be able to use the Ipsy bags for that.
  I have started testing products to make sure they will be worth putting in.  I was thinking of getting the dollar L.A. Girl mascara you can get from the Dollar Tree, but when I tried it I found it wasn't worth putting in since it didn't really do anything to my lashes and took forever to dry.  There is another one out there that I want to try that is a dollar more than the one I am trying now, though the e.l.f. one I bought yesterday isn't bad.

 Here is the cowl I was talking about before.  I finally wove in the ends and it is done.  It is based on the lace that was used in the Fragole shrug.  There were a few rows that were a bit odd because the lace pattern does shift a little as you work it, but I just moved my stitch marker to accommodate the double decreases.

I'm also working on a huge project.  It is based on herbivore by Stephen West.  I had some yarn and I didn't have my phone with me.  I remember seeing the pattern on a few other knitting blogs in the past and how I thought it looked really cool every time I saw it.  Though since I didn't have any access to it I just kind of started knitting.  It is kind of hard to tell if mine will be as cool looking until I block it, but I'm hoping it will look good.

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