Friday, September 5, 2014

I'm good at starting things!

For as long as I can remember I have been really good at coming-up with ideas and getting the first bits of those ideas started.  Say, making some super cool Kukui nut necklaces the second I saw them in lei form when I was in Hawaii.  I got a few different colors and brought them home.  I found my memory wire and some black cording and set off to make samples to see how my idea would work best.  I bought beads and other fun things to go with the nuts.  So far I have made one for me, one for a friend for her birthday, and one to time myself on about how long it takes to make one.  None have been made to list on my Etsy shop.  I also get the urge to go out and buy all new fabric for a new sewing idea, even though I have a epic ton of fabric and probably didn't use the new fabric I got for the last awesome idea.
I mention this whole long thing because I will sometimes find cool things, or finish a project, but not know what else to mention in a post.  So I have a few partially started posts with nothing but a link or some pictures dumped in them.

This hat is one of them:
I took this hat to block at work before I left for my cabin fun.  You remember the one, where I didn't get any knitting really done but got my legs to a state to baffle doctors.  Well, I didn't have any round objects that were the correct size at home so here it is at work.

Since I was wet blocking it, I had to let it sit for a few nights.  The brim was even still a bit damp when I did take it home with me.  Though since I had left it there so long, it got a bit of notice.  I saw this note on it the second morning it was there.  Why yes, we do have two 'Debbie's at work.  At one point we also had three 'C(h)ristina's and one Christine; and a Mary, Meri, and Gary.  Ours is the store of similar names.

I left this note and mentioned it to at least one of the Debbies.  I hope the other saw it too, but I didn't get to see her before she left for the day.

In case anyone is wondering about how my follow-up with the doc went, it wasn't too bad.  The new doc didn't think I needed any more antibiotics, so that's a nice thing.  He also thought that from what he heard about their previous state that I am healing quite nicely.  My legs are now more of a neon pink than purple and I can be upright for many hours without wanting to cry.  Go me!  I am supposed to supply my poor skin with much aloe vera throughout the day.  It still feels nice.

There is also this guy.  I can not tell you how happy he/she made me.  I love cicadas so much.  It was such an awesome time for me when the 17 year swarm came out.  I had one that would not leave me, I would put him on a random plant, but then he would fly off and land on my leg again.  It took me about 5 tries to get him to stay.  I also had one crawl up to me in a field and start singing his cicada love song at me.  I told the hubby he had competition.  I was super bummed when there was supposed to be another huge batch of them around, but I never saw any.  I hear them all the time, but I love seeing the creepy little buggers.  They are so big but so non-threatening to me.  I went to go rinse out a glass and saw this little guy/gal.  I wish I could let him know how much he made me smile.

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