Friday, September 12, 2014

It's like pie in a cup.

My mom found a listing for some things on Craig's List.  This pottery studio had a bunch of stuff people had made/painted that they had left behind.  They were giving them away today from 4-6pm.

This is the place.  It was back behind a bunch of places I have been to before.  I had no idea there were a bunch of other businesses back there.

They give a bunch of different classes and stuff.  You can take a class on the potter's wheel or just come in and paint a pre-made form.

So while the ad had said that the giveaway was today, it seems people had been stopping in all week.  My mom was hoping to get the flying pig, but that was not still left.  My mom got the cat and I got the Pegasus behind the coffee cup on the right.

Here is where the title of the post comes in to play.  It was the first time I have been to Peet's Coffee.  Since fall is slowly coming and pumpkin things are making an appearance I decided to get the pumpkin chai latte.  It was sooooo good.  It tasted like pie in a cup.  It didn't just have the spices, it tasted like the whole thing.  You could almost taste the crust to go with the smooth pumpkin center and also a hint of whipped cream on top.  I know the sound of crust in a drink sounds bad, but it was not.

On the knitting side.  I have finished the knitting on my kite shawl and just need to block it; my heart cardigan is almost done, I am working on the second sleeve; and I have knitted a swatch for my leaves and vines shawl.  Pictures of those things some point.

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