Thursday, September 25, 2014

Buffets Everywhere!

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 Let me tell you a tale.  Years ago there were two buffet places right next to each other.  One went by the name of Super Buffet and the other by Total Buffet.  Super Buffet was where you went for Chinese food and Total Buffet was where you went for Korean BBQ.  Unlike most Korean BBQs, the meat was buffet style too.  You did not have to order one style of meat, everyone could choose their own.  The sweet beef and the spicy octopus were my favorites.  You could also get a few options of sushi to go with your amazing grilled meats.  There were not a ton of options, but there were enough.

 Image from the internet.
One day there was a ‘for sale‘ sign on the doors of Total Buffet.  Before too long another Korean BBQ place by the name of GA Go Pa moved in to the location.  It made sense, there were already burners at every table and vents above.  They were more like a typical Korean BBQ and made you choose what meats you wanted from a menu.  There was, however, a larger buffet area of other items.  Fried noodle bundles, more sushi, and even some desserts.  The major downside was the fact that the vents were not run the same way.  Instead of turning them on when someone was cooking at a table, each row would get a turn.  This did not work out since a few rows might not have people in them, but the vents would turn on for a set period of time.

  Image from the internet.
Since people did not like this, it has been replaced by yet another Korean BBQ.  From what I have read online, there is no buffet part anymore.

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