Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fifth Time's A-Charm?

I finally have this thing done and how I like it!

Here is the front and back of what I plan to be the outside of my Swiss Cheese Headband (or it could be a cowl for someone with a skinny neck).  There is some yarn left over, but I think that is a good thing.  Why is it a good thing?  I love this yarn so much.  It was donated yarn with no tag, so I can't just easily look it up.  I am going to take some of my left-overs to my various knitting groups and see if anyone has any idea what it might be.  I knit this on size 5 needles.

This is the inside.  It looks kind of similar.  You can also see the difference in picture quality between my tablet and my camera.
To make this I cast on 100 sts and worked garter for 8 rows.  I then *knit 10, cast off 10, then used a knitted cast on to cast on 10* across the row to make the holes.  I did garter for 7 rows before doing another hole row, only with the cast off/on before the knit 10.  At the top I did 8 more rows of garter before using a sewn bind-off.
I hope that, along with the pictures, makes some sort of sense.  I know it does to me, but it might not to other people.

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