Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ruffles Have Ridges.

Though there is not going to be a lot of crafting updates, there is going to be a lot of fun mentioned.  I am just going to list each day since that will make it easier.


We all met at my place and loaded the car and motorcycle before heading out to Shenandoah.  Since we could not check in until 4pm we decided to take the longer scenic route.

It was very misty out so we did not stop at each lookout point, but there were quite a few ridges.

We arrived at The Cabin and the first thing I noticed was the porch.

Hot tub!  There is also a hammock in there too.

Just remember, it's no fun to be lonely in the hot tub.

We got welcome chocolate chip cookies!

After a quick unpack we made dinner and played some card games before throwing our swimsuits on and hoping into the hot tub.  It was very nice.


We had talked about canoeing or some other fun water activity.  It was supposed to rain, but not until later that day.
Though when we got there it was starting to rain.  A few of the other people decided that they wanted to do it the next day, but we figured a little rain wouldn't hurt us.  It stopped raining not too long after we got into the water.  Unfortunately for me, it then got sunny.  The rain had washed off most of the sunscreen I had on and then it was sunny for the next few hours of the ride.  The first third was kind of boring but the other two had some small rapids and faster bits.  I knew I was getting super sunburned though, but there was nothing we could do.
Water logged we waited on the other end for the bus back to our car.  Once we got back I cooked us some dinner and we lounged around watching our sunburns set in.


This was the day of much laying around and putting on aloe vera.  My burned legs had both fused into one skin and walking was a lot of not fun.  We watched a few mini marathons on TV and relaxed.

I started this thing a few times.  I did not do a test swatch so I was kind of winging it.  First I wanted to make it into a head-band, but then I cast on too many.  After I took that out I re-cast on but then found I didn't like how the pattern I was trying was coming out only binding off five stitches, so I had to make it a multiple of 20 not 10.   After that I decided it would be too wide as a headband, so I cast on for a short cowl.  That is where I am now...the picture was the second try.

Once it got dark we decided s'mores were needed.  I didn't get any pics, but image four people sharing one stick and singing loudly to Weird Al in the woods at night.


The last day.  We ate some leftover steak for breakfast and after packing went to Luray Caverns.  I had gone once when I was younger, but it has been a bit.  I had to ride in the car because my calves were starting to swell and my legs were still too tender to wear jeans.
Since it is so pretty and I took so many pictures I am just going to throw a bunch at you at once.  Remember, these are not all of the ones I took.

It looks like a little castle!

This is the "Fish Market"

Was not expecting any of them to be hallow!

The water makes it look super big.

The one you can see some light through near the bottom is only 1/8" thick.

Looks like a sleeping giant who has been here a while.

My fav pic I took.

The fried egss!

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