Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thinking out loud a bit.

I have been trying to think of fun new ideas.  Not for the things I make, I already have a ton of those, but fun ways to meet people.
I go to a lot of anime conventions (ok, only three a year) and I was thinking it would be fun to try and have a meet-up or something.  People could bring things to work on or things they want to donate.  Then I had to figure out how this is going to work.  The best bet might be to just post a "Hey, I will be here from some time to some other time, come hang out" since the other options would be a bit more difficult.  Getting a table in artist alley would require money and someone to sit at the table for most of the convention.  I like wondering too much and don't have any assistants or lackeys.  I would probably not get approved for a panel and I wouldn't want to limit the time that way.  Knowing my luck I would get it for 7am on Sun or something.
I know I would have a shirt with my logo and stuff so I could also say that if they saw me out of the time I decided to meet that they could give me things that way too.

No idea if I will really try this or if I am just thinking of fun ideas.  Another fun idea would be to try and get a bunch of funding, take a long time off of working and just go crazy making stuff.

I don't have a picture of it, but I am making progress in the Universal Kite Shawl/ette(Ravelry link).  It is getting so big.  It is hard to show someone when they ask what I am making at this point.  I am about 5 rows into the ribbing edging.  I do need to double check to see if I am supposed to do 1.5" of ribbing or some other amount.  Though the nice thing about this pattern is that you can kind of wing it if you want to change parts.  As long as you increase every other row, it seems to be happy.

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