Friday, June 6, 2014

Knit in public day!

Why yes, it does sound scandalous.  It is also kind of something I already do twice a week...though this one is usually outside in a park and not in a building.  Either way, it seems there are a few of them.  The first knit in public day happens on the second Sat in June, which is usually why I can't participate.  I usually have to work on Sat.  Though word was going around on knit-night that is it this Sunday.  A few of us whipped out our phones and did a bit of a search.  We still have no idea.  We all found multiple listings for multiple days.  One said it already happened, another said it still hasn't happened, and yet another says it is a whole week event.

The swirl scarf has made another appearance.  The blue Skywalker shawl should be dry soon and the baby blanket is in time out.  It might not look like it, but I swear it is getting longer.  The smaller piles of yarn are my only proof that I'm really not just adding every free pattern on Ravelry to my library when I go to knit gatherings.

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